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918Kiss is one of the foster slot games of the decade and it is most recognized for its Shell Bonus Round where you pick 2 random shells to get a free spin bonus in combination with a multiplier or otherwise. This game is a popular ocean-themed casino slot game similar to Dolphin Reef but it has its own bonus game that everybody loves. 918Kiss has one of the most intriguing ocean designs of a slot game that has become popular because of the legendary SCR888 game that has been going away recently.

Challenge In Designing The Slot Game

Developers back then faced the challenge of having to design a slot game that is both interactive and fun for android apk and ios users on mobile devices and can easily be ported to computers when necessary. These online games are one of the reasons that slot casinos have been so popular as of late. They gave average people who cannot afford to travel a chance to play on their mobile devices without much fuss or problems. This gave way to the development of the app. 918Kiss was conceptualized around an ocean grounded theme with fish characters and a fun blue vibe towards the color scheme. Many other players all over the world fell in love with the theme instantly because of how fun it looks and performs.

How to get winning bonuses in-game?

The next step was to design an interactive bonus that rivaled other video slots. 918kiss apk games were known for their amazing bonus rounds that let players choose their bonuses or gave them a chance to win them at random. These bonus features are one of the best things that have ever happened to the casino industry because it made players hooked on the concept. Everyone was playing it to get a chance to have their bonus round, no matter what value their bets were. 918Kiss’s bonus round is a system of random picks whereby the player is granted the chance to choose 2 shells among many shells to find out what bonus he/she scored during this round. The shells can have up to additional free spins or multiplier bonuses. This was enough to make the players go crazy for the game.

Playing game Itself In Kiss918 or 918Kiss

As we all know, there are very little players left in SCR 888 that plays 918Kiss, most players have moved on to other platforms such as scr888 or 918Kiss because of the compatibility of newer devices and the up to date game selection that has newer games and a more vivid feel to the interface. These new platforms for online casino games rule the market now in 2020 and have yet to become unpopular as they are called powerhouses of their brand.

When playing 918Kiss client it is good to know your limit on your bets. Players usually bet an upwards of 5 and a low of 2 to try their luck. Anything higher than 10 is generally high-risk betting if your bankroll is below 200. This is the best way to gauge your budget when betting. Always try to predict your bets and make them land on the bonus rounds of slot games. In 918Kiss, you can gauge when the bonus round is coming by looking at the bonus round symbols. If there is an increased frequency in the symbol appearing, you should raise your bet to catch the bonus round on a high bet so your return profit is high as well.


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