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What is Evo888?

Evo888 APK & IOS are the best choices for online gambling casinos that you can find. A compilation of all the greatest and most picked casino games that you can find in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Johor, Thailand, and Indonesia. If you love to gamble or live casinos such as Marina Bay Sands, Genting Highland, and more, this is the perfect place for you to get your kicks on great card games, slot machine games, arcade shooter games, and classic dice games too.

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Evo888 Casino Malaysia is as safe and reliable as other online casinos. Being the most updated online casino out there. Evo888 can be a challenging casino to try. If you love to keep your applications secure and safe. This is one of the safest casino games you can play period. Try it out and claim your winnings through secure online instant transfer banking.

All of our casino winning rates are similar to real-life casinos, there are no tricks and no fraud with the numbers and chances when it comes to Ev o888 gameplay. We want you to feel at home and that is why we have agents on hand 24/7 to help you if you have any problems with your game.

More about Evo88

Established in 2019, Evo 888 is one of the founding casino brands that incorporate a unique way of picking their games. The company picks casino games based on player ratings and word of mouth games. This makes the selection of games in Evo888 great for players locally in Malaysia as we have handpicked the games to match the current popular trend.

Where to download EVO88?

Download EVO888 from our official download page to get the latest and safest installation file in Evo888 APK or IOS for iPhone users. You can also download EVO88 for computers such as windows computers using the Evo 888.exe file download button.

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Register with us today with the help of our online team. Contact us through live chat or our other messaging platforms and all registrations are completely FREE. You only need to deposit the number of credits you want to play on your games in Evo888.

Withdraw EVO888 Win

Withdraw your credits the same way you sign up with the help of our online agents that will help you transfer your winnings back into your account. We have a limit of 50 thousand and there are no charges for any withdraws.


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